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Grid Connected Systems
This is the most common PV System, which consists of Photovoltaic modules connected with an inverter, where PV modules a...
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Stand Alone Connected Systems
This system is not connected to the local electricity grid, and This System is used batteries as an energy source to kee...
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Solar Pumping Systems
This System is the simplest solution, the solution is uses the energy produced by the PV Modules to feed Pumps, through ...
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Feasibility Study
a systematic study to optimize go\no go decision for a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible. According to ...
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System Design
Our experienced Engineering Team will innovate a creative design for the System to get the optimal solution for our cl...
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Project Management
Our accredited Projects Managers, coordinate, and execute projects according to specific requirements and constraints. W...
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Permits and Approvals
throughout your headache of follow-up on us! our project team work closely with clients during the planning stages of a ...
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Solar PV System Installation
Our Installation team has the capability, and experience to install systems in high quality, and cost-effective ways, an...
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System Testing & Commissioning
After installing the system, we will test, and commission the system based on the local & international standards, t...
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Operation and Maintenance
The story now starts over again! Achieving and extending high productivity, reliability, and efficiency from the install...
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Solar Systems Cleaning
Solar power generation can be influenced by many factors. The major factors that reduce or impede the generation of po...
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Third Party Consultation
Our Well experienced engineers’ team can give the needed support, in your project to ensure that your system is ...
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