Solar Systems Cleaning

  • Solar power generation can be influenced by many factors. The major factors that reduce or impede the generation of power for the PV panels are shadows, snow, high temperatures, dust, dirt, bird droppings, pollen, and sea salt. Accumulated dust on the surfaces of PV panels can come from many different sources and can have a big impact on electricity production. The efficiency of the solar panel can be reduced by up to 50% in a dusty environment, as this interferes with the amount of direct sunlight received to the PV array.
  • Robotic cleaning solutions: PV panels produce less than optimal power when not clean. Water-based manual cleaning is expensive, incurs a recurring cost, and is environmentally NOT friendly. Apart from posing an electrical hazard, water-based cleaning leaves residues and causes scratches due to scrubbing of panels. With manual cleaning, there is a risk of damaging the AR coating on the panels. Our Cleaning solutions causing no damage to the panels during the cleaning operation. No weight or stress is exerted on the main panels. robots are self-powered and automatic. At present times, the cleaner robot traverses lengthwise on a rail tube till the very end of the panel row and returns to the home docking position, completing one cycle. Cleaning is done using specially designed brushes rotating at high speed, lifting the dust away from the panels

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