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Renewable Energy Services and Solutions

Solar Systems solutions use solar energy to provide you with what you need of electricity, Solar systems are the best choice for you since energy costs and consumption rising at an exponential rate, on one hand, solar energy is available almost all time of the year and can be considered as a very reliable, and feasible source of energy especially at Saudi Arabia and the Middle east.

Kafou Energy will provide you with high-quality, cost-competitive solar systems solutions, that come from our highly specialized and experienced teams in the field of solar systems.

-           Solar Energy is your best solution to get rid of your high energy bills.

-           Solar Energy is renewable energy and can provide you with what you need of energy.

-           Solar Energy is available almost all times of the year.

-           Solar Systems are almost maintenance-free systems.

-            Saudi Arabia has taken several actions regarding this area and the most important action was the adoption of the Renewable Energy Law together with a complete package of rules and instructions to govern the law implementation, In accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan for energy diversification.

-           Solar Systems have almost ZERO operational costs.

-           Solar Systems solutions have a very encouraging feasibility study.

On Grid Systems
Now you can reduce your electricity bill to ZERO, using this type of solar system you can generate electricity for your ...
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Stand Alone Systems
Now Your solar system can generate your electricity needs, Kafou Energy experienced team, can provide you with the o...
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Solar Pumping Systems
Now you can get rid of the high electricity consumption caused by your farm pump, by installing a solar pumping system, ...
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Feasibility Study
The Feasibility Study is very important for any project, after this study you will be able to take the right decision....
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System Design
Our certified and experienced Engineering Team will innovate a creative design for the System to get the optimal solut...
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Project Management
Our accredited Projects Managers, coordinate, and execute projects according to specific requirements and constraints. W...
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Permits and Approvals
Kafou Energy Co. works with a professional team to assist customers during the project planning stages in identifying an...
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System Installation
All of Kafou Energy team are certified, experienced, capable, trained to install your solar system in high quality, and ...
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System Testing & Commissioning
Testing and Commissioning are very important and essential for each system, Kafou Energy Engineers will test and commiss...
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Operation and Maintenance
The story now starts over again! Achieving and extending high productivity, reliability, and efficiency from the install...
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Solar Systems Cleaning
Solar power generation can be influenced by many factors. The major factors that reduce or impede the generation of po...
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Third Party Consultation
Our Well experienced engineers’ team can give the needed support, in your project to ensure that your system is ...
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