Energy Auditing Services

As energy prices tend to rise in the short term, there is an urgent need to reduce energy consumption and improve the operation and efficiency of systems. Through energy efficiency projects, Kafou Energy's experienced engineers and project managers work with clients to develop energy savings projects that enhance systems operation and save energy. These energy projects are implemented by installing energy-efficient equipment and improving operation and maintenance practices. In addition, services include establishing procedures to train personnel to properly operate, inspect, and maintain equipment.


Kafou Energy has a qualified engineer capable of performing a comprehensive energy audit - ASHRAE Level 1&2, including:

  • Review past performance of energy systems, including data collection and preliminary analysis, and determine energy baseline.
  • Review current maintenance practices.
  • Conduct field measurements and surveys for energy systems in operation.
  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of the acquired data and raw measurements.
  • Identify energy conservation measures (ECMs).
  • Discuss the ECMs with the relevant personnel.
  • Perform a techno-economic assessment for the final ECMs.
  • Perform environmental impact analysis for the final ECMs.
  • Develop an implementation strategy and action plan.
  • Develop an energy audit report.

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