On Grid Systems

Now you can reduce your electricity bill to ZERO, using this type of solar system you can generate electricity for your loads, and to export electricity to the Grid!

This is the most common PV System, which consists of Photovoltaic modules connected with an inverter, where PV modules are arranged and connected in an engineering way that ensures the highest efficiency of the inverter, linked to each other and to the inverter using double insulation DC cables. Then the inverter is connected to an electrical board, and a smart bidirectional meter using AC Cables. There are three categories of this system:


-    Feed-in Tariff (FIT): It is also called a buy-all / sell-all system. This system requires two utility meters, one to measure all energy purchased from the utility, and one to measure all energy produced by the PV System.


-    Net Metered System / Net Billed System: A system has a single Bidirectional meter that records both consumption and Production Energy.


-    Grid Connected with a battery backup system

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