Power Quality study and Solutions

“Bolster the health of your power system and get the most out of the power you're paying for”

Improving power quality, energy efficiency, operational and environmental performance is our concern.


  • Electrical Infrastructure Assessment:

Ensure your electrical infrastructure meets production requirements with a thorough review of your electrical systems.

  • Filtering Harmonics:

Prevent damage to your equipment and avoid higher operating costs by implementing harmonic filters at strategic operating circuit points to eliminate harmonic distortion caused by excessive currents and voltage distortion in your systems. Harmonic filtering can reduce the risk of possible malfunction of connected equipment and interference in your communication systems.

  • Power Factor Correction:

Our experts will examine and measure the effectiveness of the power being used in your facility. Is your power system experiencing penalties associated with a low power factor? Your business could be losing thousands of Riyals per month in costs and penalties associated with a low power factor. Aside from the immediate costs associated with a low power factor, running an inefficient power system also impacts the environment. Your company's carbon footprint could be drastically reduced by implementing a power factor correction solution, reducing your company's impact on the power grid while saving you money. Power companies use high-voltage capacitors every day to increase supply voltage by reducing the load on their transmission lines.

  • Voltage optimizers:

Voltage optimization is an energy-saving technology used to regulate, clean, and condition the incoming power supply to reduce the delivered voltage to the optimal level for on-site electrical systems and equipment.

If a building is supplied with a higher voltage than necessary, it is likely to result in massive energy waste, excessive carbon emissions and higher electricity bills than necessary. This is compounded by power quality issues, including increased wear and tear and a shortened lifespan of electrical equipment.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions, and saving money on electricity bills, voltage optimization can also improve power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from the grid operator's supply.

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