Power Quality Study For Riyadh Metro Stations

Recent developments in technology especially the non-linear loads either large equipment like the VFDs or small desk computers or just a residential block with DC inverter air conditioners. This is where the use of a power quality study becomes important, power quality characteristics must be identified, studied, and rectified with corrective measures to save on power consumption costs and meet the utility standards.
Power quality assessment and audit is an activity to evaluate that the electrical energy entering the equipment has enabled the system to operate properly, and efficiently and minimizes long-term risk to the equipment. Proper power quality maintains control over process automation equipment, digital controls, and motor drives. Poor voltage waveforms, Harmonic distortion, and other power issues can cause unnecessary and costly disruptions to electronically controlled equipment.

As a power quality expert, Kafou Energy was assigned by FCC industrial company to study the power quality at one of Riyadh metro station - Station 6F1.

Kafou energy engineers measured, analyzed, and prepared a full report on the main power quality parameters in this station, the study included the main electrical parameters such as the total harmonic distortion for the voltage and the current (THDv and THDA), Power factor, Voltage Sag and Swell, Unbalance, overvoltage and Undervoltage and other important parameters.


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