Lighting Upgrades and Solutions

Lighting is an extremely effective and efficient way to reduce energy costs. The options for retrofitting and upgrading lighting with LED components and fixtures have evolved significantly.
KAFOU Energy offers a wide range of lighting services for various industries. Our engineers have the experience and resources to address all of our customers' lighting needs and provide the best solutions using specialized lighting simulation programs.

Kafou Energy performs a comprehensive energy audit of lighting systems, not only providing information on energy savings, but also measuring the lighting levels and ensuring that these lux levels meet international standards. We also optimize the design of the lighting system with a special lighting simulation program.

Think about the benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Satisfied personal preferences.
  • Extended useful life.
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Many new lighting technologies, while certainly more efficient, can have a negative impact on the power grid due to harmonics that affect power quality. This can cause appliances to underperform or behave erratically. In the worst cases, this can even harm the system and the devices along the grid.
Facilities of all types need to consider power quality issues into account before upgrading their existing lighting system, especially when converting to LEDs, as they can contribute to power quality issues such as voltage dips, harmonics, interruptions, transients and surges.
However, Kafou energy is able to perform a comprehensive power quality assessment to diagnose and identify any anomalies that fall outside acceptable limits and correct these anomalies with the most appropriate power quality solution.


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